Digital Marketing

 Digital Marketing

 Digital Marketing

Improved ways to advertise store specials!

Abierto’s Digital Marketing Platform consists of two marketing technology modules: Digital Signage and Mobile Couponing. Digital Signage allows you to remotely distribute and display digital advertising for in-store promotions, as well as remotely controlled and updated electronic price menus.  Mobile Couponing allows you to send promotional offers via text message to your customer's cell phone. Each of these Marketing technologies can be utilized individually; combined they offer the ultimate customer experience.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage is highly customizable and high impact communications vehicle for the convenience store.

With Digital Signage you can:

  • Advertise in-store specials electronically using attractive digital posters that play when and where you decide
  • Electronically update pricing for coffee, fountain drinks and food service items
  • Advertise high margin impulse items to increase register tings.

Mobile Couponing

Abierto's Mobile Couponing technology allows you to target consumers with specific promotions and contest.  With Mobile Coupons, you can communicate with customers even when they are not in or around your location, giving them more reasons to come to your location.  Marketers can create coupons and promotional offers, to target specific consumers based on their previous redemption behavior.

Other benefits to mobile couponing:

Ease of use for customers

  • Simple Opt-in and Opt-out process
  • No paper coupons to carry

Monthly reporting on redemptions

  • Includes where the customer Opt-in originated
  • Data for vendor supplied promotions

A "green" form of marketing

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