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Being a FAST STOP Branded Marketer opens up many opportunities to increase your store marketing efforts.   ​Many FAST STOP branded marketers take advantage of our strategic vendor alliance to enhance their store marketing efforts.  We have a wide variety of programs designed to improve your sales and profitability.   Here is an overview of the programs and services:

Up Front Conversion Funding - funds are available to re-identify sites and/or upgrade facilities with the attractive FAST STOP brand.

Store Merchandising - Assistance is available to advise you on store set and in-store promotions that maximize sales and profits.

Risk Management - Provides information regarding contracting and inventory management, you can better respond to market fluctuations and changing prices.  Fuel based services available.

Convenience Store Consulting - FAST STOP staff will visit your store periodically and assist with on-site recommendations for improving store operations.

Advertising - Participate in FAST STOP advertising programs and display our recommended promotional materials.  Pump toppers, wind masters, and outdoor banners are available.  A wide variety of items such as shelf talkers, ceiling danglers and floor banners can also be custom produced for your store(s).  Just bring us your ideas!

Proprietary Card Programs - Utilize our proprietary card programs to bring current cardholders into your location.   Programs include the FUEL24 card, FAST STOP Fleet card and our gift cards.   Private label gift cards are also available.

Loyalty Programs - Participate in the FAST STOP loyalty programs.  Build a loyal FAST STOP customer base with Digital Signage and Mobile Couponing programs.  Reward your customers with My FAST STOP Rewards and FAST STOP EZ Saver programs.

Energy Partners - utilizing a state-of-the-art inventory management system, we keep track of your fuel inventory and usage rates so we can order fuel when you will need it.  You reduce employee costs or monitoring/ordering and eliminate out-of-fuel events.

New or Upgraded Sites - As new convenience store sites are considered, we assist you with site evaluation or recommend independent outside professionals to predict volumes and profitability.

Equipment Selection - We provide assistance with equipment and vendor selection.
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