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About Us


The GROWMARK System began in 1927 when Illinois Farm Bureau members organized agricultural cooperatives to meet their growing demand for a reliable fuel supply. Soon, nine of those cooperatives combined to form Illinois Farm Supply Company, which then merged with similar organizations in Iowa nd Wisconsin, thus forming FS Services. In 1980, GROWMARK, Inc., was established through the consolidation of of FS Services, Inc and Illinois Grain Corporation.  

GROWMARK is an agricultural cooperative serving cooperatives, retailers, businesses and customer in the U.S. and Canada. We provide customers with fuels, lubricants, crop nutrients, crop protection products, seed, payment processing services, construction services and equipment. Learn more about GROWMARK.

We are proud of our long-standing relationship to the FS brand and FS companies. In 1955, we established the FS brand as a unified brand presence representing quality, integrity, expertise and dependability.Today, GROWMARK and its FS members make up "the GROWMARK System," with GROWMARK serving its members and customers while FS companies service farmers, businesses and consumers throughout the Midwest to the East Coast and Ontario, Canada. Learn more about FS.  

In the mid 1980's, GROWMARK, Inc began processing private label charge card transactions. In August 2003, GROWMARK launched its electronic payments network. The payment network currently processes and settles in excess of $500 million annually to network merchants located across 17 states. We keep pace with regulatory and market demands, as well as advances in technology, to keep our network on the forefront of the industry.