FAST STOP Consumer Card
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FAST STOP Consumer Card

Engineered for convenience and security, the FAST STOP Consumer Card has the features you need for flexible expense management.  

Whether it's the daily drive to and from work, a trip to the store or a road trip across the midwest, the FAST STOP Consumer Card will help you get there.  

Unlike other cards, your account is issued and maintained by your Local FS Member Cooperative. When you have questions or updates to your account, you will be working with someone locally and supporting local business.  Find your local FS Member Cooperative at

Take CONTROL of your personal expenses today with the FAST STOP Consumer Card. 



  • Track family spending and avoid unwanted purchases by assigning driver ID numbers to your cards
  • Limit purchases by fuel, service and/or merchandise
  • Limit purchases to certain times of the day and days of the week


  • Pay for fuel at the pump, automotive services and merchandise inside FAST STOP locations
  • Easily track your spending with detailed and customizable reports
  • Special pricing options may be available, contact your local sales representative


  • Over 200 FAST STOP branded locations throughout the midwest
  • Online access for account and purchase history at
  • Ability to lock cards, update driver ID's and set up alerts