Merchant Fuel Products
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Merchant Fuel Products

With a network of supply points reaching from the US East Coast to the Rocky Mountains, we supply top quality fuels to local sites with minimal disruption and “just in time” execution to minimize the cost of carrying inventory.

Our fuel supply team accepts your fuel orders through our modern, computerized customer service center and determines which terminal offers the best delivered price. They dispatch transports to pick up and deliver product, following your time-sensitive instructions for delivery at a specified location. For the ultimate in convenience, ask us about our tank monitoring services.

In addition to reliable supply of top-quality fuels, we provide price-risk management services.  We cut through the clutter of the seemingly bewildering world of futures contracts, hedging options, put and calls, enabling you to reduce risk, protect inventory values and gain pricing flexibility.

Our list of products includes:

  • Conventional/RFG/7.2 RVP Gasoline
  • Unleaded Gasoline (all common octane levels)
  • Unleaded Gasoline with ethanol (all common octane levels)
  • E85
  • E15 (where available)
  • #2 diesel fuel
  • #1 diesel fuel
  • Dieselex Gold* (diesel with performance additives)
  • Diesel Express* (diesel with performance additives)
  • K-1 kerosene
  • Biodiesel blends
  • Sure-Flo (diesel with winter additives)
  • FS Clean Flow (gasoline with detergent performance additives)
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid
  • Full Line of Quality FS Lubricants