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Commercial Products

FAST STOP branded convenience stores and unattended fueling sites are independently owned and operated.  Unlike “cookie-cutter” chains, you’ll find local influence and many unique characteristics among our sites. But two things that nearly all locations have in common is our robust credit card program and our quality fuels.

We know fuel.  Since our humble beginnings in 1927 our system has grown its volume to over 2 billion gallons of fuel annually. While our fuels come from the same refineries, pipelines and terminals that everyone else uses, we are experts at transporting, handling, storing and dispensing fuels for optimum performance.

When you buy gasoline at a FAST STOP, you can be certain that our fuels meet or exceed the latest EPA requirement for detergency. In addition, we proudly add ethanol to increase performance and reduce emissions.  At many sites, we offer E15, the most tested fuel in history. The EPA has approved E15 for use in cars, light-duty trucks, SUVs and Flex Fuel Vehicles manufactured in model year 2001 or newer.

Many of our sites also carry diesel fuel.  Some contain our proprietary performance additives that clean up dirty engines, restore lost horsepower and carry the “Top Tier Diesel” designation.  To help ensure trouble-free operation during the cold, winter months, try one of our fuels containing cold flow improvers formulated to minimize the impact of gelling or icing.  Clean-burning, biodiesel blends are also available at select locations.

Diesel or gasoline, you can buy quality FAST STOP fuels with complete confidence.